My best friend and I started a movement to cover the night on islip

email me if you want to know more!

This man is as ugly as his actions!
Please help stop him, he’s killing children and innocent people! That shouldn’t be tolerated anywhere!
We didn’t accept the holocaust why should we accept this genocide?

let’s go get him

lets do it!
Look at this guys! and the video just aired at 12 am last night!
Starting to make a difference already!! 

If you want to make a difference, not just for yourself but for others and make this world a better one for us and our children, the future. Let Daniesse and I know if you want to participate in a meeting where we will talk about what we can do to make a difference here in Long Island and help make Kony famous!

"Arresting Joseph Kony will prove that the world we live in has new rules, that the technology that has brought our planet together is allowing us to respond to the problems of our friends." "We are not just studying human history we are shaping it." 

                                                                                               Jason Russell -

STOP KONY 2012!!!